About Us

If you love your hair & especially your health you'll love the "gg" cap.

As a golfer in Southwest Florida I always preferred visors to baseball caps.  Baseball caps left me with sweaty bangs stuck to my head and really bad flathead hat hair.  One day, my doctor explained the hazards of the sun's rays on my scalp and the need to cover my head.   I started to experiment with different hats and cut a hole on the front of a cap allowing my bangs to hang freely outside the cap.   What I discovered was that it not only preserved my hairstyle for the "19th" hole - it also was much more comfortable & cooler to wear.  I no longer needed to worry about the sun's harmful rays damaging my scalp.  Give this new design a try - it's protective, stylish and cool.  

If you love golf, tennis, the beach, baseball, anything outdoors - You'll LOVE the "gg" cap!

Thanks & enjoy!

Carol D.